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                                                            II INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE

                                                                             ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION

                                                                                ECOLOGY OF LIVING


                                                                  ŁUBNIANY, near Opole May 26-28 2023


                                                                             CONFERENCE CONCEPT


We cordially invite you to II International Scientific Conference: Alternative Education. This year's discussion will focus on the "Ecology of Live."

In Poland, this is the only international-focused program of its sort. The three-day outdoor gathering will be held in the "Fairy Woods" Foundation's field base, in Lubniany, near the city of Opole. The proceedings will be conducted entirely outdoors.

Both Forrest Therapy coaches and workshop conductors will guide you…

“(…) To these forest hills, to these green meadows,

Spread wide over the blue sky of Lubniany;

To these fields painted with various grains,

Gilded with wheat, silver-plated with rye (…)”


Education should allocate resources in a way that prioritizes social goals; including social usefulness, understanding of, and involvement in, human societies and the natural environment.

The concept of adult communication, for the benefit of children and their families, entails actively fostering a culture which includes nature. This is a crucial message for any community to thrive. In order for mind and body to function as one, we must carefully and consciously learn how to live in harmony with the natural world around us. As a result, it is important to examine the place of the natural world in our educational system. Our findings may inspire us to take action, make adjustments, or adopt a fresh viewpoint on education.

All of us, including academics, parents, doctors, legislators, artists, journalists, and activists, should speak out in unison supporting environmental protection. We have the means, the motivation, and the ability to give our children the time they require for a sound, and balanced, development of mind and body. We want to know what you think can be done to restore children's access to nature; specifically in a way that takes into regard their development.

During the course we will establish practical strategies for adults to assist children in nature contact, skill development, and connections with others who have a passion for preserving nature. As well, in between courses, we will encourage everyone to experience the impact of the forest eco-system.

Join us to learn why exposure to outdoors is important for all children's development, including those with psychomotor deficits.

We could learn more about how our children's existence in nature is inextricably linked to the future of this planet.

Be motivated, have the fortitude to change, and participate in this miracle by encouraging the next generation to rediscover their love of nature.

In May, there will be a forum in Lubniany where two groups will participate: those who burn and spark the youth to action and those who fuel and blow into educational sails. Leave your everyday life for these three days and take your place in a circle; one where our thoughts and acts have a chance to materialize to reality.

We would like to promote pro-ecological principles at every stage of human development. This is in collaboration with, and with support of/from, local governments, educational and cultural institutions, as well as organizations for environmental protection and healthcare.

We are convinced that it is our collective responsibility to effectively manage the development of the planet's youngest residents. In doing so we also want to raise awareness to public education standards, social competency, and to our individual and collective quality of life.

You are invited to participate in this unique gathering of scientists, experts in forest education and therapy. Along with novice and seasoned educators from a variety of educational and behavioral institutions using indoor and outdoor methods. Also joining are health care providers, therapists, caregivers, and of course, parents of children of pall ages.

The conference's focus will alternate between four areas:

Ecology of Life

Pedagogy of Forest

Developmental Perspective of Alternative Education in Poland and in the world

Other aspects related with prevention of physical and mental health


The Conference is addressed to pedagogues, psychologists, forest sociologists and all interested in the proposed topics.


Scientific Council:

Agnieszka Gardas tel. 607 378 101 edu.alternatywna.las@gmail.com


Katarzyna Sowa tel. 502 037 207 edu.alternatywna.las@gmail.com

Conference venue:

Bajkowy Las (The Fairy Woods)

ul. Krzyzula 8

46-024 Lubniany, Poland

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